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Smart Papers Launches IN"?fusion Media Line

Designed for use on HP Indigo presses

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Smart Papers has introduced its IN"?fusion brand of premium printing paper for the Hewlett-Packard Indigo presses. In the past, media for the Indigo had to undergo a topical sapphire treatment for use with the press. Now, Smart Papers is able to infuse an additive as part of the manufacturing process of the paper"?making the paper less expensive and also prolonging the shelf-life of the media.

This new IN"?fusion media line boasts archival quality and is available as:

  • The mirror-gloss, ultra-smooth castcoated Kromekote C1S and C2S 10- and 12-pt cover;
  • The premium uncoated Carnival Stellar White (80 or 100-lb) text and cover; and
  • The matte-coated Knightkote 80-lb text and cover.
  • Text-weight sheets are 12 x 18 in.; cover weight sheets are 18 x 12 in. Smart Papers will continue to stock sapphiretreated paper for the Indigo press. (Smart Papers: www.smartpapers.com)

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