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Soft Proof Images with SilverFast PhotoProof

Contract-quality proofs from digital camera and scanner images

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LaserSoft Imaging's new SilverFast Photo- Proof software enables users to create contract-quality soft proofs by taking images from digital cameras or flatbed scanners, and processing them using the company's SilverFast DC Pro Studio and HDR Studio tools.

The image is processed in a medianeutral workflow, based on the RGB color model, on a calibrated monitor. Users choose the ICC profile for the printer and can embed the FOGRA media wedge as a color reference. The image does not need to be RIP'd, color separated, or converted to CMYK, LaserSoft reports.

PhotoProof is an option to LaserSoft's SilverFast DCProStudio and HDR Studio. Price: "??980(approximately $1165 US). (LaserSoft Imaging: www.silverfast.com)

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