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Soft-Proofing Solution and Proofing Paper from CGS

Keeping the proofing market refilled

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CGS' Premium Proofing (Pearl) Paper line is a new line of universal substrates for the company's inkjet contract proofing system. Proofs made using Premium paper and CGS inks showed resistance to color shift over time--the average Delta-E deviation was 0.90 after 76 days, and for black it was 0.76. The paper is available in a variety of formats in semi-matte white for commercial printing and semi-matte publication for magazine and catalog production.

For those who want to move toward soft proofing, CGS has introduced its soft-proofing solution using the ORIS Color Tuner RIP and specialized compression to keep file sizes small. Hotfolders are used to automatically generate and transmit a color-corrected PDF to a remote workstation, where the file is viewed on a calibrated display. Viewers can then annotate the PDF file using Adobe Acrobat markup tools (individually or as a group). This can occur while the file is on the local workstation or online. (CGS Publishing Technologies: www.cgsusa.com)

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