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SoftRIP 6.2 from Wasatch

Incorporates white-ink workflow capabilities.

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Wasatch Computer Technology has released Wasatch SoftRIP version 6.2, which features overall speed improvements as well as new capabilities for implementing white-ink workflows.

SoftRIP can now fully color manage images while passing specialty non-color inks straight to the printer. The outcome, reports Wastach, is easier white-ink workflow and improved image quality by taking advantage of SoftRIP's 16-bit color pipeline.

The improved speed is a result of the enhancement of halftone algorithms, producing 16-bit color with RIP times faster than the previous 8-bit color pipeline in SoftRIP 6.0. Too, the new default print queue preference settings are designed to work with newer, more powerful computers by specifying different physical hard drives to store RIP data. Disk read/write bottlenecks are avoided and users have more control in organizing large RIP data files, says the company.