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Solvent and Mild-Solvent Printers from DGI

PolaJet PS-3206 and SaturnJet ST-1806 are 6-color printers.

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Korean-based DGI has introduced two new printers: the PolaJet PS-3206 and the SaturnJet ST-1806.

The solvent-based PolaJet PS-3206 is a 126-in. rollfed and sheetfed printer. Armed with six Spectra Nova 256/80 AAA heads, it offers 6-color (CMYKcm) pigment inks and resolutions up to 720 dpi. In 4-pass, 180 x 360-dpi mode, it produces up to 646 sq ft/hr; in high-quality, 16-pass, 360 x 720-dpi mode it images up to 161 sq ft/hr.

The PolaJet features air pressure within the heads to ensure a smooth flow of ink, a detachable platen so users can switch to a mesh-compatible platen, an enhanced take-up system for use with heavy rolls, and two drying fans to ensure prints are dry before being rolled. This printer also includes an auto feed system with tension control, 4-l ink tanks, auto nozzle-clogging prevention system, ink-refill system, and a printhead-alignment system. Price: $139,000.

The SaturnJet ST-1806 is a 71-in. mild-solvent printer designed for high speeds and photographic quality. It features six Konica Minolta KM512 printheads, produces true 720-dpi resolutions, and accommodates rollfed and sheetfed media. Its top speed is 323 sq ft/hr in draft 360 x 360-dpi mode, and 86 sq ft/hr in 720 x 1440-dpi quality mode.

Utilizing 6-color (CMYKcm) inks, the SaturnJet features an automatic head-cleaning system and capping/wiping of the printheads. It also has an Ink Refill System with peristaltic pump to prevent ink bubbles and ensure accurate dot placement. Price: $37,900.