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Sprin SPE and SPK Series Printers

Solvent-based Korean-manufactured 4-color printers

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Sprin USA has introduced two new series of Korean-manufactured printers"?the SPE and SPK printers. The SPE-185/SPE- 260 and SPK-260/SPK-320 are all solvent-based, 4-color, rollfed wide-format printers. They all feature eight Xaar-128 printheads, which are configured KCCK and MYYM for no-pass banding in 2-pass bidirectional printing. The Thunderstorm RIP is included with each machine.

The SPE-185 and SPE-260 printers are available in 78- and 106-in.-wide versions. Both offer resolutions up to 600 x 740 dpi and speeds up to 474/495 sq ft/hr. Price: SPE-185, $26,500; SPE-260, $35,000.

The SPK-260 and SPK-320 are available in 106- and 132-in. wide versions. They also offer resolutions up to 600 x 740 dpi and printing speeds 495/517 sq ft/hr. Price: SPK-260, $47,000; SPK-320, $60,000.

The SPK series printer body and stand is built as one to withstand the strains of heavy media and long production runs. In addition the SPK printers feature an intake hole so end-users can ventilate the solvent fumes. The SPE printers feature the same print quality as the SPK series, says Sprin, but are less expensive for first-time buyers; it is also easier to install and operate the SPE printers. (Sprin USA:www.sprinusa.com)

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