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Spyder3Pro Introduced by Datacolor

Spyder3Print also debuts.

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Datacolor has added two new products to its Spyder3 line of color-calibration solutions: Spyder3Pro and Spyder3Print.

Spyder3Pro is a display-calibration tool that comprises a colorimeter with a seven detector color engine with increased aperture. Spyder3Pro features a Display Assistant that stores and retrieves all user-device-specific information on each display, reducing recalibration time. In addition, Spyder3Pro includes:

* Intelligent Ambient Light Control, to automatically measure a room’s ambient light for precise calibration and maintain a light-conditions history.

* Sixteen Calibration Target Choices for user-determined white point and gamma combinations, to accommodate different working conditions.

* Fast ReCal option, to reduce calibration time and allow users to recalibrate more frequently.

* SpyderProof function, which allows users to evaluate calibration in "before" and "after" modes with quadrants targeting Saturated Colors, Skin Tones, Gradients, and Black-and-White. SpyderProof also enables users to zoom in and analyze highlights, shadow detail, and color or tonal response.

* Real-time calibration monitoring, to ensure accurate display color through continual background checks on calibration and profile settings (and provide notifications when changes are needed).

* Multiple display calibration, capable of calibrating LCD and CRT monitors, notebooks, and projectors.

Spyder3Print is a print-calibration solution that includes software and a Datacolor 1005 spectrocolorimeter combination for consistent and accurate color as well as black-and-white output. The SpyderGuide enables users to create custom profiles with standard color or black-and-white targets.

Other features include: a SpyderProof function, which allows softproofing with user-developed profiles and enables users to print sample images to check profile results directly from SpyderProof; a Curves import function, which gives users control over color and black-and-white tinting curves with the Image Editor for total profile adjustments; an Extended Grays Target, enabling users to add precision and near-gray data to profiles; a PreciseLight function, which adjusts profile settings to different ambient lighting conditions, based on where and how images will be displayed; Advanced presets, allowing users to select pre-built or custom-profile settings for specific highlight, shadow tint, and detail and neutrality settings combinations.

Both Spyder3Pro and Spyder3Print run on Mac OSX 10.3 or higher and Windows 2000, XP 32/64, and Vista 32/64. MSRP: Spyder3Pro, $169; Spyder3Print, $499.


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