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Steelers Star Gets Digital Prints for Christmas

Life-size cutouts of football stunts impress Antonio Brown.

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What might record-holding, Pro Bowl-caliber NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown want for Christmas? Pittsburgh Steelers reporter and radio host of “The Antonio Brown Show” Dale Lolley was at a loss for gift ideas for his football-playing pal. Luckily, Lolley has an “in” in the print industry.

Darin Smith, general manager at Printscape Imaging & Graphics and friend of Lolley, suggested creating life-size cutouts of a few of Brown’s memorable moments from this season. Printed with a Screen Truepress Jet 2500UV onto Coroplast and 1/8-inch Dibond, respectively, one cutout portrays Brown hugging the goalpost after a touchdown, while the other captures an accidental kick to an opposing punter’s face. Smith used a MultiCam Digital Express router for the Coroplast and a MultiCam 3000 for the Dibond.

The gift was a success, says Smith, and not only did he and his 11-year-old son get the chance to meet the football star, but they may have also gained a new customer: “Antonio loved them and said he would be calling me in the very near future.”

Want more gift ideas? The beauty of digital print is you can customize just about anything.

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