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StingRay Continuous-Ink System from Sericol

Allows for longer, uninterrupted production runs.

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Sericol has introduced StingRay, a continuous ink-delivery system. This system allows for longer production runs without stopping to add ink. In addition, there is no need to change or handle chips and the system is compatible with OEM firmware, the company reports.

StingRay also incorporates a self-diagnostic system and LCD screen that will indicate where the system in having trouble. In addition, it offers ink alerts so users don't run out in the middle of a print run.

Microprocessor-pump-driven to deliver a constant rate of ink to the heads, StingRay features an auto-resetting chip, a 1.5-l ink reservoir, snap-on refill bottles, and is designed to be used with Fujifilm Sericol Color+ solvent inks.