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Stock Image Industry Market Sizing Report Released

Most stock buyers move toward single sourcing.

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The Industry Measure (formerly TrendWatch Graphic Arts) has released 'Stock Image Market Sizing: 2007' a new report providing market projections for royalty-free and rights-managed images, as well as CD collections. The report targets four specific marketplaces: graphic-arts firms; creative firms, publishers, and Internet design and development firms and departments .

Report highlights include:

* In three out of the four marketplaces surveyed, respondents were moving toward single-sourcing of stock images. Among creative firms, the percentage single sourcing rose from 28% to 38%. This trend exists in all key marketplaces but one--Internet design and development, where respondents have gone the opposite direction and are increasing the number of stock image houses with which they are currently doing business.

* Also in three out of the four marketplaces surveyed, 'price of images' is declining as a major factor in choosing a stock image provider. Among publishers, for example, this dropped from 90% citing price as a key deciding factor to 82%.

* Often, the market share for images (units) and images (dollar volume) are very different. For example, in the creative markets, graphic designers dominate the rights-managed image market by units (54%), but the market by dollars is dominated by ad agencies (43%), based on their significantly higher monthly expenditures.

Price of the report: $995.