Stone Editions Uses Lyson PhotoVelvet for Photo Albums

For wedding albums and photo portfolios requiring image permanence

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Stone Editions' Stonehinge album system simplifies the production of museum-quality photo portfolios on popular models of Epson and Canon inkjet printers. After specially converted double-coated, double-sided inkjet media is fed and re-fed through the inkjet printer for two-sided printing, the pages are ready for binding with Stone Editions' proprietary Stonehinge binding system. Stonehinge translucent interleaves prevent images from rubbing together in the finished portfolio.

One of the media choices now available for the Stonehinge album system is Lyson's PhotoVelvet"?a 100% unbleached cotton rag paper optimized for use with Lyson inks"?particularly Lyson's new CavePaint pigmented inks.

"PhotoVelvet combines the smooth, silky white surface of traditional art papers with an archival system that has no peer," claims Tony Martin, president of Lyson, Inc. He suggests that in addition to being a useful tool for art photographers, the Stonehinge album can give commercial photographers a competitive advantage. (Lyson, Inc:; Stone Editions:

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