Stylish but Gritty

MMT utilizes its EFI Vutek 3360 to help capture the history of Ducati motorcycles.

Big Picture

Converting an old bar into a high-end motorcycle dealership with an industrial flair was no small undertaking for MetroMedia Technologies, headquartered in New York. The client, Advanced Motor Sports in Dallas, which specializes in Ducati motorcycles, wanted to capture the history of the Ducati brand, while retaining the “gritty” feel of its interior space.

MMT tackled the job in three parts, including this series of photo banners, output on proprietary canvas using a three-meter EFI Vutek 3360 8-color printer and 3M inks. To mount the banners—which hang free, about eight inches from the wall—MMT used Rose Displays’ Anoquick banner holders, and hung them from steel joists inside the building.


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