SubliM Inks from Sawgrass

Expanded color range from high-productivity inks.

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Sawgrass Technologies has introduced SubliM, a high-productivity sublimation/direct-print inkset. Designed for high-volume and high-speed users, SubliM features an expanded color gamut and a fast drying time.

The SubliM transfer inks can be printed directly onto high-release transfer paper or users can direct-print onto fabrics using SubliM direct inks. Both transfer and direct-print solutions are available for Mimaki JV, Roland FP740 and Pro Series, and Epson 9800 printers.

SubliM is a 9-ink system-CMYKcm Orange Blue and deep black (which Sawgrass reports is 20% stronger than regular black); it also offers a special yellow for direct-print applications. Light cyan and light magenta offer smoother gradient transitions and good black and white graphics, while the addition of orange and blue gives users the ability to hit spot colors with the expanded color gamut.

The inkset is available in 5- or 20-l containers and is compatible with Sawgrass’s new bulk-ink system, the Sawgrass Production Series Ink Delivery System. Each cartridge contains a special floating device to regulate the level of ink, which allows users to control the ink flow and maintain consistent color. In addition, as it is designed for high-volume use, this bulk-ink system allows customers to feed ink to multiple printers from one unit.