SagaBoy Productions creates graphics for scenes in the film 'Saving Mr. Banks.'

In the Oscar-nominated film Saving Mr. Banks – which chronicles the making of the movie, Mary Poppins – viewers are taken back and forth in time to 1960s Los Angeles and early 20th-century Australia. To ensure the scenes were authentic to the portrayed eras, production designer Michael Corenblith called on Martin T. Charles of Santa Monica-based SagaBoy Productions (, asking him to create various site-specific scenes, including the Los Angeles International Airport, the Allora Fair in rural Australia, and others. Working with Disney Studio guidelines, Charles viewed old photographs to design more than 185 advertisements, signs, and décor elements, such as the headshots used at the premiere of Mary Poppins (shown here). The final prints were produced using SagaBoy studio’s 54-inch Roland SolJet printer-cutter and a 64-inch Roland VersaCamm VS printer-cutter with metallic inks, all primarily output onto artist canvas.


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