SwingPanels.com Offers Space-Saving Way to Display Samples

Swingframe division simplifies viewing of large-format portfolios

Big Picture

Photographers, artists and graphic producers seeking a space-saving way to display large-format samples of their work should check out the new SwingPanels.com division of Swingframe. The Swing Panel systems makes viewing oversized portfolios as easy as turning the pages in a large book.

Swing Panel units come in an assortment of sizes, in steel, aluminum and plastic with aluminum or plastic frames or hand-sewn clear sleeves. Freestanding units are available for floors or countertops; some models can be wall-mounted. The units can hold different types and thicknesses of materials, ranging from posters and mounted artwork to carpet, and tile samples.

Some units can hold as many as 50 panels. If both sides of each panel of used, the display can provide 100 visual impressions. (Swingframe, Inc.: www.swingpanels.com)

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