SwissQprint’s New LED Flatbed

Oryx offers a modular configuration.

Big Picture

SwissQprint’s newest LED printer, Oryx, offers a 98.4 x 78.7 in. flatbed and speeds up to 700 sq ft/hr. The machine can be built to individual customer requirements and can be expanded upon in the future. Users can choose up to nine ink channels, a roll media option, an oversized board option for applications up to 157.5 in. long, and more. Ink choices include CMYK, white, varnish, primer for printing on glass, orange, violet, and green. All inks are VOC-free. Compatible materials include acrylic, aluminum, wood, tarpaulins, awnings, polyester, polycarbonate, polystyrene, PVC, vinyl, foam, and more. SwissQprint reports materials can be stretched after printing. Droplets can be printed as small as 9 pL for a max. resolution of 2160 dpi.

The Oryx’s LED lamps, said to have the same service life as the printer itself, do not require warmup or cooldown time, according to the company. Additional features include Crash Sensor Technology, the ability to print from multiple points of origin and load media at the front or rear, and Step and Repeat and Shadow files printing modes.

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