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Switch from EskoArtwork

Formerly Gradual Switch.

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The former Gradual Switch is now an EskoArtwork product. Switch is a print-production automation tool that comes in three flavors: LightSwitch, FullSwitch and PowerSwitch.

PowerSwitch is the workhorse of the Switch product family, and it’s essentially designed to work with a variety of different software products common to the print production environment and allow them to work together automatically. Using scripting and metadata tools, users can create custom tools to control third-party applications even if they aren't supported out of the box. PowerSwitch supports JavaScript (on both platforms), AppleScript (on Mac OS X), and Visual Basic Scripting (on Windows).

Workflows can often take advantage of metadata that increasingly is created automatically in a variety of documents. PowerSwitch provides tools to read incoming metadata in various formats including XML, Adobe XMP, and JDF. The contents of metadata fields can be used in flows to make routing decisions or to set processing parameters for automated tasks.


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