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Synthetic Paper from Hop Industries

Printable by UV inkjet, offset, screen, and flexo printing.

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Hop Industries introduced Hop-Syn TO, a new opaque synthetic paper designed for P-O-P displays, outdoor banners, window promotions, in-store signage, and pennants where extreme temperature, tear resistance, and UV durability are required. Based on a mix of polypropylene and inorganic fillers, Hop-Syn TO can withstand temperatures from -60 F up to 220 F without distortion, the company reports.

It features a smooth matte finish and additional whitening agents to achieve a 99% opacity; its flexibility helps reduce creases, curls and wrinkles when being printed, folded, and fabricated. The paper is printable by: UV inkjet, offset, screen, and flexo printing; it can be sewn or grommeted. Available in 8- to 10-mil thickness and in a variety of roll widths and sheet sizes.

Hop Industries

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