Take Me to Your Fashion Leader!

Pictographics wraps taxis bumper-to-bumper with individualized graphics

Big Picture

As visitors to Las Vegas waited in cab lines at the airport, casinos, restaurants, and hotels, these colorfully wrapped taxis reminded them that Las Vegas is also home to some world-class shopping. This ad campaign for the Nordstrom department store appeared for a month on 45 taxi cabs in Las Vegas.

Each of the 45 cabs was wrapped with design featuring a different item of clothing--one was covered with shoe images while another was covered with men's ties, etc.

Local graphics producer Pictographics used its Picto XL printer (a tweaked VUTEk UltraVu? 2360 79-in. wide solvent-system inkjet) to output the graphics onto Avery Dennison MPI 1005 EZ vinyl film. The Avery film has a special adhesive for fast, wrinkle-free installation and clean removal. The graphics were protected with Avery's DOL 1000 overlaminate.

To get approval for the job, Pictographics worked with the taxi authority in Las Vegas for approximately a year. After getting the go-ahead, Pictographics staffers spent roughly 90 hours in prepress to facilitate the placement of the images on the vehicles and make sure each cab number was still visible. Each vehicle took 2 ? hours to install. Using eight installers, the taxis were wrapped in about a week. (Pictographics: www.pictographics.net)

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