Tekgraf's Roll-Up Light Source for Backlits

Use Cool Light to wrap colorful displays around columns

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Imagine being able to wrap a backlit display around a column. Tekgraf's Cool Light? is a lightweight, rollable light source that evenly illuminates graphics without requiring a lot of power or a heavy lightbox.

With the Cool Light, designers can create business card to billboard-sized backlit graphics in a display that's as thin as a credit card. The electroluminescent Cool Light foils feature a low electric field that produces a highly engaging effect. Animated displays can be created with options such as dimming, blinking, frequency and amplitude control.

Tekgraf is selling marketing Cool Light in A0 through A4 sizes in vinyl foils, snapframes, and floorlights to meet a variety of display needs with a warranty for 4500 hours of continuous use or six-months. (Tekgraf: www.tekgraf.com)

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