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Top Wallpaper Trends

Kaleidoscopic patterns, tongue-in-cheek designs, bright geometrics, and others are topping the list, reports Flavor Paper.

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“Wallpaper is headed in a number of new directions, but remains rooted in the past with many of today’s trends being cyclical returns to yesteryear’s big hits,” says Jon Sherman with Flavor Paper.

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Flavor Paper (www.flavorpaper.com) is well-known for its wallcoverings produced via digital as well as screenprinting technologies. The company has showrooms in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago, New Orleans, and other cities here in the States, as well as international sites including Tokyo, Sydney, Antwerp, and Toronto.

“Technology and digital printing, on the other hand, allow for much greater scale and advances like the inclusion of lit elements within the paper itself.”

What are the trends in wallcoverings right now? According to Sherman, the following are at the top of the list:
1. Kaleidoscopic patterns
2. Heritage patterns
3. Simple, splotchy dots
4. Collaborations with major artists
5. Bright geometrics
6. Tongue-in-cheek designs
7. Overscale/oversized prints
8. Storytelling patterns
9. LED/crystal embellishments
10. Ombré designs: colors or tones that fade into each other (especially from light to dark)

Watch for a full-length feature on Flavor Paper in an upcoming issue of The Big Picture.


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