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Triangle Introduces Recyclable Billboard Media

Eco-friendly media now available.

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Triangle Digital has introduced a recyclable billboard media. ECOS (Environmentally Conscious Outdoor Substrate) is Triangle’s new uncoated 100% recyclable billboard, banner, and poster media that’s compatible with UV-curable inks. Comprising recyclable PE (polyethylene), the tightly woven PosterFlex media (3.9 oz/sq yd) is less than a third the weight of traditional vinyl (generally 12 to13 oz).

Developed by Canadian plastic manufacturer InterWrap, ECOS is designed to have no color shifts, blowouts, corner- peel flagging, or misalignment. ECOS billboards have a lifespan of more than 6 mo, the company reports, and when the billboard is changed, the media can be recycled just like other plastics.

The ECOS line includes the 3.9-oz PosterFlex, which is a paper-replacement product that features a smoother print side and can be used for billboards, and the 2.7-oz FlexiLite, which is less expensive and can also be used for billboards. Available in either gray back/white print side or white/white, ECOS comes in 126- or 144-in. widths. The company is beginning beta tests on a solvent-compatible ECOS in the near future.