Turning Fine Art into Printed Gold

How to transfer and print images to a variety of surfaces.

Big Picture

Digital Alchemy is the title of printmaker Bonny Pierce Lhotka’s new book. Her latest volume takes the reader step-by-step through more than a dozen projects, providing detailed information on how to transfer and print images to a variety of surfaces using techniques Lhotka has spent years developing. Just a few of the book’s topics and projects include:
• Transfer images to metal, wood, plastic, and other materials that will not feed through an inkjet printer;
• Print directly on metal;
• Simulate a print from a UV flatbed printer using a desktop printer;
• Use carrier sheets and paintable precoats to print on almost any surface; and
• Achieve near-lithographic-quality digital prints with transfer processes to uncoated fine-art paper.

In addition to the printed tutorials, the book also includes a DVD that features more than 60 minutes of video footage on topics such as performing an alcohol gel transfer, transferring an image to a wooden surface, and more.

Signed copies of the book, complete with 3D glasses, are available directly from the artist at www.digitalalchemybook.com

Lhotka is also offering  the Digital Alchemy Workshop in conjunction with the release of the book. Held in Petaluma, California, the workshop includes hands-on printmaking training, including printing on metal, metal leaf, emulsion transfer, custom substrate creation, and more. Available as one- or two-day workshops.


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