Two New Color-Management Tools from Konica Minolta Sensing Americas

Colibri color-matching software and FD-5/FD-7 spectrodensitometers.

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Konica Minolta Sensing Americas has introduced two new color-management tools: Colibri color-matching software and a new series of spectrodensitometers.

The Colibri color-matching software is designed for recipe formulation and correction of opaque, translucent, and transparent colors and inks.

The software also optimizes the pigment load, preventing over-pigmentation in opaque inks. The template function allows the user to predefine the software features and screen layout so all functions not required are suppressed. This allows users to greatly simplify operations. Colibri has full enterprise network capability connecting users worldwide via the Web to share a central database. The Colibri software is produced by Switzerland-based Nexirius (nexirius.com); available in the Americas by premier distributor Konica Minolta.

In addition, the compnay has released a new series of spectrodensitometers. The FD-5 and FD-7 are handheld models that can measure density and color while taking into account the fluorescence of the paper substrate. They use Konica Minolta's Virtual Fluorescence Standard (VFS) technology that enables color evaluation while taking into consideration the fluorescence of paper under D50 (the standard light source used for color evaluation). The FD-7 meets the ISO 13655 M1 standard for fluorescence and color measurement; it also includes an Automatic Wavelength Compensation feature that automatically calibrates in the wavelength direction when white calibration is performed.



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