Two New Oce Arizona Printers Unveiled at SGIA

A mid-sized solvent system and UV flatbed printer

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Oce unveiled two new Arizona printers at SGIA--the Oce Arizona 600 and Arizona T220UV flatbed.

The Oce Arizona 600 mid-sized printer is designed to produce Scotchprint Graphics backed by the 3M MCS warranty when produced by a 3M Scotchprint Graphics Authorized Manufacturer. The Arizona 600 is a 6-color, 75-in. wide solvent-based production inkjet printer using 3M Peizo Inkjet Ink Series 5500. When used with select 3M media, the Arizona 600 delivers outdoor-durable graphics warrantied for up to three years without lamination or five years with lamination.

The Arizona 600 delivers print resolutions of 1200 apparent (618 x 618 addressable) and 600 apparent (309 x 309 addressable) dpi using Oce's ColorBlend technology. Print speeds are as high as 450 sq ft/hr in 2-pass mode, 250 sq ft/hr in 4-pass mode, and 200 sq ft/hr in 8-pass mode. &image2

Oce's new flatbed--the Arizona T220UV is Oce's first entry into UV-curable digital printing. It uses piezo printing technology and UV-curable inks to produce outdoor-durable graphics. It can print directly onto rigid and flexible substrates up to 62 in. wide x 120 in. long x 2 in. thick, and is designed for low- to mid-volume production runs. The T220UV is a complementary product to the solvent-based Oce Arizona T220, which uses solvent inks. (Oce USA: www.oceusa.com)

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