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Two Plug-Ins for Adobe InDesign

Spec and Sling Cubed

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Triple Triangle, the software company established by former members of Adobe InDesign's development team, has released two new plug-ins for Adobe InDesign: Spec Cubed and Slug Cubed.

Spec Cubed helps improve productivity and communication by visually annotating InDesign documents, allowing designers to create visual style guides to better communicate between studios (or between client and shop). It quickly reveals layout properties, analyzing more than 150 attributes such as leading, tracking, drop-shadow properties, and effective raster resolution. It also streamlines the creation of visual style guides and spec sheets. Slug Cubed improves workflow tracking by maintaining accurate, up-to-date slugs, and eliminating tedious and error-prone manual slug maintenance. Slug Cubed allows for the creation of more than 60 fields in which document contents and print settings can be displayed. All slugs can be created with InDesign's layout tools, so there are no limits on slug aesthetics. Both plug-ins are available for InDesign CS and InDesign 2.0 on Mac and Windows. Each sell for $199. (Triple Triangle: www.tripletriangle.com)

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