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UltraFlex Offers Carpet, Speaker Mesh, and SuperPrint Media

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UltraFlex has expanded its media line to include Ultra Solvent Carpet, Speaker Mesh, and a SuperPrint Media line.

UltraSolvent Carpet is a 100% polyamide white tufted pile carpet (1105- gsm), and is a result of a partnership with Printing Carpets of The Netherlands. The carpet is 0.2-in. thick and can be printed on a roll-to-roll or flatbed printer, using solvent, UV-curable, and dye-sub inksets. The ink will not scratch off, and drying time is minimal. Best suited for indoor carpet or doormats, it can be used outdoors for short durations. The rolls are available in 71-, 126-, and 196-in. sizes.

Its new Speaker Mesh is a 6.75-oz white mesh designed for durability and strength with larger openings and less threads to allow for maximum airflow. For use in acoustical applications, the Speaker Mesh is compatible with solvent and UV-curable inks. The mesh is available in 126- and 196-in. rolls.

UltraFlex's new SuperPrint line is targeted at price-driven applications and comprises a banner, billboard fabric, backlit polyester, and frontlit substrate. Each media has a polyester base and a PVC coating:

  • The 10-oz SuperPrint Banner is a white fabric with a matte or gloss finish. Available in rolls from 54- to 87-in. wide, it's suited for short-term indoor or outdoor graphics.
  • Offered with either a white matte or gloss finish, SuperPrint 300 FL and SuperPrint 500 FL are 13-oz fabrics compatible with solvent and UV-curable inks. Inks will not scratch off, and drying time is minimal, reports UltraFlex. SuperPrint 500 has a heavier, stronger base fabric, which makes it better suited for outdoor or longer-term projects. Both are available in rolls from 60 to 126 in.; 300 is also available in 54-in. rolls.
  • Designed for frontlit billboards, SuperPrint 1000 is a 13-oz fabric with a matte finish. It's available in rolls from 126 to 196 in.
  • SuperPrint BL is a 13-oz backlit flexible substrate with a white gloss finish. Best suited for short-term (1 yr) indoor or outdoor backlit applications, the fabric is available in 60- to 126-in. rolls.


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