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US In-Plant Market Generates $15.8 Billion

Target market for FM providers, says InfoTrends/CAP Ventures

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The 50,500 in-plant printing facilities in the US generated approximately $15.8 billion in revenues in 2003, according to InfoTrends/CAP Ventures. The Weymouth, MA-based consulting group reports that in-plant printing facilities can be further divided into: traditional in-plant print shops, which numbers just 10,400, but generate the lion's share of the revenues--$12.6 billion; and small copy/print sites, which number more than 40,100 and generate $3.2 billion.

The in-plant print market has historically been a target market for facilities-management (FM) providers, says InfoTrends/CAP Ventures, and these providers typically target the small copy/print sites.

Content for the consulting group's new white paper, "Defining and Sizing the In-Plant Market in the United States," is drawn from its full study earlier this year, "Corporate Print Services: The In-Plant Printing Opportunity." (InfoTrends/CAP Ventures: www.capv.com)

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