Variable-message Taxis Cruise the Streets of Vegas

Cabs "dressed up" in their finest

Big Picture

As visitors to Las Vegas waited in cab lines at the airport, casinos, restaurants, and hotels, these colorfully wrapped taxis reminded them that Las Vegas is also home to some world-class shopping. This ad campaign for Nordstrom department stores ran for a month on 45 Star and Checker taxicabs. Produced by Pictographics, the graphics on each cab featured a different item of clothing and covered the taxis from bumper to bumper.

Pictographics' "360? wraps" required extensive prepress and installation work, because the images on each cab had to be placed just so, and the cab number still had to be visible. The graphics were output on Pictographics' modified VUTEk UltraVu 2360 wide-format inkjet, using self-adhesive vinyls and overlaminates from Avery Dennison. (Pictographics: www.pictographics.net)

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