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Verseidag Seemee Intros 17 New Fabrics

All compatible with large- and grand-format printers

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Verseidag Seemee has introduced 17 new digital-print Seemee fabrics, all of which are compatible with large- and grand-format solvent and UV-curable printers; additional inksets are noted.

Veture Matte is a 10-oz 100% polyester with a double-sided coating for indoor banners, and displays, as well as theatrical applications.

Nightdrop SS is a 10-oz polyester with an aerocellular foam coating on one side, designed for indoor banners, blockout banners, displays, and draperies.

Tex Color Banner Gloss is a 4.5-oz one-side coated polyester for backlits and banners.

Tex Color Art Canvas is a 8.2-oz cotton/ polyester blend for indoor banners and fine-art reproduction.

Tex Color Cotton is a 5.7-oz, 100% cotton fabric that's coated on one side for indoor banner and displays.

Front Row is a 5.25-oz PVC-coated polyester for use as interior/exterior banners and displays.

Tex Banner PFR is a 6.5-oz 100% polyester, which can be used with solvent and UV-curable inks, as well as water-based pigments and sublimation inks.

Tex Flag PFR is a 3.37-oz one-side coated polyester for use with solvent pigment, UV-curable, and sublimation inks for interior/exterior flags and banners.

E-230 is a cotton, double acrylic coated 6.75-oz fabric for indoor/outdoor banners, displays, curtains, and fine-art reproduction. E-240 is a 7-oz version of E-230.

A-350 is a 10.5-oz cotton with a single- side acrylic coating. It can be printed on with mild-solvent as well as solvent and UV-curable systems, and can be used for indoor/outdoor banners, displays, and fine-art reproduction.

Centerstage is an 8.75-oz 100% chlorofibre FR fabric for use as indoor/ outdoor banners and displays, as well as theatrical backdrops.

R-90 is a 2.8-oz polyester with a single- coated side for aerial and outdoor banners, as well as inflatables, sails, and displays.

L-110 is a 3.25-oz single-side coated polyester for backlit displays, inflatables, P-O-P displays, and indoor banners. DynaGrip is a 4.98-oz polyester replaceable and removable media for banners and displays.

Insight Light so a 6.75-oz polyester with double side acrylic coating for use as indoor banners, displays, and theatrical uses. Also available is Insight Heavy, 8.5-oz.


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