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Version 3.0 of Proof-it-Online Available

Offers improved scalability, manageablility, and security.

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Proof-it-Online Version 3.0 enables Reviewer Type Options, which can be set up on a unique approval process for each reviewer. These options include: "Collective Access," which allows a review company to access multiple proofs from a centralized location; "Review Teams," which allows a group of reviewers to view proofs in a pre-selected order; and "TeamTrack," which allows an intermediary contact to control the approval process for a third-party reviewer or group of reviewers.

In addition, Version 3’s new Account Customization and Administration feature allows the administrative user to tailor the functionality of the application specifically to his or her needs using a customized proof disclaimer, proof notification and review interface, and advanced proof-access options along with approval status viewing. These customization features enable integration into existing processes.

Also new to Version 3 is the "User Group" feature, which filters proofs in the Workspace based on the user’s assigned group (can be a specific department or project). Users view only the proofs relevant

to their User Group-streamlining the proofing process by allowing users to focus solely on relevant details.

Version 3.0 is offered as a monthly subscription; Personal, Professional, and Enterprise plans are available.


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