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Vista System's Triangular Pylon

Offered in 14 widths -- from 4 to 40 inches.

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Vista System has introduced its new Triangular Pylon freestanding display system. Similar to the company’s Double-Sided Pylon, the Triangular Pylon adds a third extrusion that is connected to a triangular end cap and base.

All of Vista System’s displays implement the company’s Modular Curved Frame Technology (MCFT), which keeps many types of sign substrates such as plastics, metals, paper, laminates, and veneers in place. Users create signage, flex and place it in the display system, then insert the non-glare lens provide by Vista to protect the graphics. To change out graphics, users remove the lens with the provided Vista Key suction cup and replace graphics.

The Triangular Pylon is offered in 14 widths, from 4 in. to 40 in., and in various heights to accommodate a wide range of applications. Three standard finishes are available: brushed aluminum, gold, and black. Three different triangular end-cap options also are available. Prices range from $375 to $1643.



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