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Vutek Announces UltraVu 260 & UltraVu II 5330

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At ISA, VUTEk announced two new wide-format printers: the UltraVu 260 and the UltraVu II 5330.

The 103-in. roll-to-roll UltraVu 260 solvent printer features 6-color (CMYKcm) printing, 360-dpi addressable resolution (720-dpi apparent), and the ability to print onto a variety of uncoated media. Priced at $99,000, this entry-level printer produces graphics that can be used for P-O-P advertising, window displays, floor graphics, posters, fleet graphics, and outdoor banners.

Print speeds range from 400 sq ft/hr in Enhanced 1- pass mode to 200 sq ft/hr in Ultra 2-pass mode. The printer also comes standard with the ColorBurst Pro RIP, 3.25-l ink tanks, and a 2-yr outdoor durability warranty, which extends to a 5-yr warranty with Aquashield. The UltraVu 260 will ship mid-year 2005.

The 16.4-ft UltraVu II 5330 EC offers resolutions up to 330 dpi (300 x 360), and Fast-4 or high-quality 8-color solvent-ink printing. Compared to the UltraVu 5330 EC, which it replaces, the UltraVu II 5330 delivers faster production, featuring print speeds up to 2230 sq ft/hr in Fast-4 (4- color x 2) High mode versus the older machine's 2100 sq ft/hr and up to 670 sq ft/hr in Fast-4 Ultra mode; in 8-color mode, the UltraVu II 5330 EC speeds range from 670 sq ft/hr in Enhanced mode to 330 sq ft/hr Ultra mode.

Other new features include the Smoothing feature for producing distortion-free output when printing images with heavy color saturation, 3.25-l ink tanks, and the Low Friction kit that allows difficult materials to be run more easily. The new machine also has upgraded software(UltraVu II 5330 RIP), which can be downloaded by existing UltraVu 5330 customers. (Vutek: www.vutek.com)

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