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Vutek Breaks Out the White Ink

PressVu 200/600 W+ in beta, expected to ship in May

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VUTEk now offers a wide-format flatbed printer with white ink"?the PressVu UV 200/600 W+. A 4-color version of the PressVu 200/600, plus white ink, the W+ model is now in beta testing and is expected to ship in May 2005.

The white ink is offered in-line. The new machine allows users to post-print white over process colors for backlits, print a white fill (flood) as a base on clear and non-white substrates, and print white images and text on non-white surfaces.

The 200/600 W+ offers the same features of the 200/600--printing up to 80 in. wide, using UV-curable inks, and accepting roll and rigid media up to 1.75 in. thick. Current models of the PressVu UV 200/600 already in the field can also be upgraded to white. Price: $289,000. Price for upgrade has yet to be determined.

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