Wall Heroes: Interior Décor Meets Total Customization

Arizona-based shop sets out to transform one wall at a time.

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Arizona-based print shop Wall Heroes has a simple goal, according to their website: to provide wall décor that reflects personal style and saves walls from boredom. Since 2015, the two-person team at Wall Heroes has been providing customers with adhesive prints, murals, canvases, stickers, and more from a home-based shop. “We touch all the bases,” says Megan O'Brien, co-owner and director of business development. “We print for artists, reprints, commercial spaces, as well as residential homes.”

Customers looking to redesign their homes without exerting a lot of time or effort turn to Wall Heroes because of the ease of application that comes with adhesive prints. “A lot of our customers love the fact that they can just peel it off, slap it on, and be done,” O’Brien says. One such customer was looking to change things up with a “cozy and rustic feel” before family came in town, so Wall Heroes printed their 128-square-foot Rustic Wood Wall Mural onto LexJet Peel-N-Stick adhesive fabric using their HP Latex 360 printer and Graphtec FC8600 cutter to then cut the panels. O’Brien says it’s an overnight transformation.

Companies in search of branding or rebranding make up a large client base for Wall Heroes, ordering everything from wall murals to marketing materials. The shop completed a local job for an insurance team in need of an office hallway makeover. The client envisioned something that could “brighten the work day and reflect her love of the Arizona landscape,” so Wall Heroes customized a three-piece print of an Arizona sunset. When given samples of Peel-N-Stick and 3M Controltac vinyl, the client asked Wall Heroes to print onto vinyl so the wall texture was still present. O’Brien says the client “really liked the way that the texture showed through, rather than it looking like something that sat on the wall.” The final 48-square-foot graphic “almost looked like somebody had painted it on the wall because the texture showed through so much,” O’Brien adds.

Wall Heroes also regularly provides custom sizing and custom decals. With the rise of customization and personalization and the use of smartphones and high-quality phone cameras, O’Brien has seen a number of jobs come in involving cellphone photos. “When they’re traveling, they’re taking these photos on their phones. And then they want it blown up to a larger size,” O’Brien adds. “From printing on an adhesive, from printing on canvas print, custom has definitely been a huge thing.”

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