Wall Mural Blooms in DC

Astek Wallcovering decks hotel lobby out in cherry blossoms.

Big Picture

Anyone who’s visited Washington, D.C., in the spring can tell you the cherry blossoms blooming around town are both breathtaking and iconic – a trademark symbol of the city, originally planted to symbolize a friendship between the US and Japan. So, to incorporate a taste of the local culture, the designers of the new Embassy Row Hotel teamed with Astek Wallcovering to create a striking wall mural featuring an artistic display of cherry blossoms. The design, which was hand-painted in watercolor and then scanned and digitally adapted, stretches across 3000 square feet; there are no repeats to be found. The mural was printed on Astek’s Durst Rho 312R onto their proprietary Silver Mylar Type II wallcovering material.

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