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Wasatch Introduces SoftRIP 6.3

A ColorRIP Upgrade is also available.

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Wasatch Computer Technology has released version 6.3 of its Wasatch SoftRIP as well as a ColorRIP Upgrade.

New features in the Wasatch SoftRIP Version 6.3 include a Template Creator, database tools to import industry-standard or user-defined spot color matching tables; refinements of the product's halftoning capabilities; and more. Specifically:

* Template Creator: SoftRIP Templates allow for standardized output sizes and placement needs. The template interface includes tools for specifying image location, alignment, and scaling attributes. Key uses include flatbed printing, T-shirt printing, and various industrial-printing applications.

* Spot-color database import: Provides spot-color database-import tools for matching hues in industry-standard swatch books or key customer data files. Imports databases based on Excel files or any other comma-delimited data format.

* Halftoning: New halftoning refinements are now included to address market advancements, including the newest generation of grayscale print heads. New flexo halftone options are available in SoftRIP SP for separations printing.

Also included are new printer drivers for devices from Mutoh and US Sublimation, as well as a RIP-to-TIF generic printer driver.

The Wasatch ColorRIP Upgrade, for Roland Pro II devices, now offers support to the latest file formats and operating systems, as well as third-party media profiles. New features include 16-bit color versus the previous systems' 8-bit color; a Direct-to-Layout workflow, allowing users to streamline production with the new Wasatch layout designer; and Smart Nesting capabilities for automatically creating efficient layouts.

The COLORIP upgrade is available for $299.


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