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Wasatch Releases SoftRIP v 6.1

Features a 16-bit color-rendering pipeline.

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Wasatch Computer Technology has released Wasatch SoftRIP version 6.1 featuring a 16-bit color-rendering pipeline, designed to maintain original color data and produce output that is more faithful to the original source image.

SoftRIP, reports Wasatch, will process files that are inherently 16-bits deep through color management and PSS halftoning with high-fidelity color depth. In addition, files that arrive to the RIP only 8-bits deep will also show substantial benefit-they are promoted to 16-bits of color depth prior to entering color management and are maintained at this high definition through halftoning.

Imaging configurations (color profiles) made with earlier versions of Wasatch SoftRIP can be used with SoftRIP 6.1. New 16-bit imaging configurations are not backwards compatible.



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