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Wasatch SoftRIP Can Repurpose Graphics for Digital Signage

Cross-media publishing for large-format graphics

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Wasatch Computer Technology, a pioneer in the development of RIP software for large-format graphics, has come up with a way to enable producers of large-format graphics to reproduce RIP'd files in formats utilized by remote electronic signs and displays.

Wasatch spokesman Jay Griffin describes SoftRIP's new Internet Deployment feature as "the perfect solution for a sign shop or service bureau seeking to support remote electronic sign and display systems from the same workflow that produces traditional signs."

Internet Deployment allows SoftRIP users to specify file formats such as JPEG and PNG, define image files in terms of megapixels, and create sendable files of up to 8 megapixels. Graphic files can then be forwarded to the electronic display via FTP or e-mail.

The Internet Deployment feature also automates the task of creating thumbnails for softproofing via the Internet. Customers can quickly preview and approve files before they are distributed to the remote sites for display. www.wasatchinc.com

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