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Webtrack Software from B & P Lightbrigade Group

Helps better manage large-format production.

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Developed by print provider and UK systems supplier B & P Lightbrigade Group, Webtrack is a software package designed specifically to help the large-format print provider manage daily job production. It gives users an overview of a shop’s entire production environment on any computer screen on a network-either Mac or PC. Job status is color coded for an "at-a-glance" view of where jobs are in production and if there are any problems that require attention.

The production manager has global administrative rights and can reschedule jobs, stack jobs on particular printers, and manage the whole print process from his or her computer. Sales teams can give live feedback to clients in real time on any and all production jobs.

Every user and department can be assigned their own unique password and access rights so they only see the information relevant to them. The software package can also be developed with customized modules for a company’s unique business needs.


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