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Westar Super Light Fast Sublimation Inks

Inks are designed to solve color shift and fading problems.

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Westar Systems has released its Super Light Fast (SLF) sublimation inks. Compatible with wide-format Epson, Mimaki, Mutoh, and Roland printers, this CMYK inkset has solved the color-shift and fading issues sublimation inks have suffered in the past, reports the company.

"Color shift and fading have historically plagued the outdoor sublimation market," says Rich Brenner, Westar president. "With Super Light Fast (SLF) inks, all CMYK colors fade at the same rate, which maintains the original color relationships." This means that the blue will not fade faster than the red, and colorfastness does not alter the gamut.

SLF has been rated as L7 on a blue wool scale, which measures and calibrates the permanence of dyes.