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Western Graphtec Introduces Six Scanners

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Western Graphtec has introduced six new wide-format scanners: Standard and Pro models of CS600, CS500, and IS200 42-in. scanners. These scanners are designed for scanning, archiving, copying, and the production of large-format artwork with resolutions up to 600 dpi. The CS600/500 models are 24-bit full-color scanners; the IS200 is an 8-bit monochrome scanner. The Pro models include a high-quality scanning mode with interpolated resolution up to 4800 dpi (as opposed to 800 dpi in standard models) and high-speed scanning mode (for 40% faster throughput versus standard models).

The CS600/500 scanners feature speeds of 3 in./sec (24-bit color at 400 dpi) and 9 in./sec (monochrome); the scanners are also compatible with sRGB color space. The CS600 has automatic thickness control and can handle rigid originals up to 0.8 in. thick; the CS500 can handle flexible originals up to 0.06 in. thick. The IS200 scanner features maximum monochrome scanning speed of 9 in./sec at 8-bit graytone and 400-dpi resolution.

All six scanners utilize Contact Image Sensor (CIS) technology, as opposed to CCD scanning; CIS eliminates the process of continual re-aligning and recalibrating the scanner and requires no warm-up. In addition, all Graphtec scanners feature Scanning Master 21+ driver software, which facilitates setup and control.

List prices: IS200"?$9995; IS200- Pro"?$10,995; CS500"?$15,995; CS500- Pro"?$17,995; CS600"?$18,995; CS600- Pro"?$20,995.

Paradigm Imaging is the exclusive distributor for Graphtec scanners in the US and Canada. (Western Graphtec: www.graphtecusa.com; Paradigm Imaging: www.paradigmimaging.com)

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