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Wide Photo Papers From Konica Minolta

Popular 7- and 10-mil selections get bigger

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To better serve the wide-format inkjet market, Konica Minolta has introduced new wide-format versions of its popular 7- and 10-mil Inkjet Photo Papers.

The 7-mil medium resin-coated photo paper is for applications such as photos, indoor trade-show signage, and posters, and can be used with both pigment and dye-based inks. It is available in widths up to 50 in. and dries instantly, providing a wide color gamut.

Konica's 10-mil heavy QP PRO Super White paper can be used with dye- and pigment-based inks and is usually used for photo applications because of its non-yellowing print quality and its RC paper base that make prints feel like traditional photographs. It also dries instantly, and is available in widths up to 44 in. Both papers can be purchased in a gloss or satin finish.

Konica's photographic inkjet paper is also smudge-proof and water-resistant, thanks to its microporous coating. The paper is compatible with any inkjet printer, avoiding the need to match printer to paper. (Konica Minolta: www.konicaminolta.us)

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