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Windows Darwin Variable Information Tool from Creo

Converts Adobe InDesign documents into VI documents

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Creo has introduced a new version of its Darwin Variable Information (VI) authoring tool for Adobe InDesign CS2 users who work on Windows platforms. The Darwin VI authoring tool converts InDesign documents into VI documents in which all elements"?text, graphics, colors, layout, charts, background, and even entire pages"?can be dynamic; the tool is also capable of handling large databases. This version, tagged as Windows Darwin 1.0, introduces two additional features: a new GUI designed specifically for PC users, and direct access to external databases. Windows Darwin 1.0 will be available in early 2006. A version is also available for use with QuarkXPress. Creo has also announced its new Web-to-print technology, which allows print providers to offer Web-to-print connectivity to their customers. It uses templates and database information for page composition, enabling a centrally controlled and streamlined workflow for on-demand communications. Companies can incorporate the template-based workflow into their Internet or intranet sites, allowing customers or salespeople to create customized documents.

The company's newly developed HP Indigo Production Stream Server enables owners of HP Indigo presses to integrate them into offset workflows such as Brisque and Synapse. The HP Indigo Production Stream Server is a high-speed, open-standard RIP that features imposition, color management, trapping, and variable data.

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