Winners of 2012 Golden Image Awards Announced

SGIA competition recognizes industry-leading excellence across various applications and categories.

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SGIA has announced the winners of its 2012 Golden Image Award competition. This year’s entries were evaluated and judged at the 2012 SGIA Expo in Las Vegas, October 18-20.

The Golden Image competition recognizes industry-leading excellence and covers various categories created by specialty imaging. Each submission was eligible to earn one of four awards:
• Award of Excellence (Gold), recognizing the highest achievement possible in a given category;
• Award of Distinction (Silver), awarded for exemplary quality;
• Award of Merit (Bronze), for outstanding performance; and
• Certificate of Honorable Mention, for commendable performance.

In addition, the SGIA awarded Best of Show (digital and screenprinting categories), Best in Creativity (digital only), and People's Choice awards.

Awards for digitally produced entries went to the following entries (note: not all categories featured gold, silver, and bronze awards; some categories also awarded honorable mentions):

Category 1: Fine Art, Digital entries
* Gold, Best In Show: Light-Works Inc. (lightworksvt.com): Sea Fever
* Silver: Kolibri Art Studio Inc. (kolibriartstudio.com): Road Trip
* Bronze: Kolibri Art Studio Inc.: Miss. Mary's Class

Category 2: Posters (Single Sheet), Digital entries
• Gold: Standard (Chan's) Corp Ltd (standardchans.com): Jadelink
• Silver: Standard (Chan's) Corp Ltd: Emphasis Jewellery
• Bronze: Yunker Industries (yunker.com): Holiday Promotional Posters

Category 3: Posters (Multisheet), Digital entries
• Gold: Standard (Chan's) Corp Ltd (website): Samsonite
• Silver: Standard (Chan's) Corp Ltd: Slim Beauty
• Bronze: Standard (Chan's) Corp Ltd, The Spaghetti House

Category 4: Transit Advertising, Digital entries
• Gold: The Ad Art Company (adartco.com): League of Legends" World Championship Bus Shelter
• Silver: Varsha Transprint (varshatransprint.com): Santa Gift Shop

Category 5: Fleet Markings (Single Sheet), Digital entries
• Gold: Modagrafics (modagrafics.com): Zee Medical
• Silver: Modagrafics: NASCAR
• Bronze: Modagrafics: Griffin

Category 6: Fleet Markings (Multisheet), Digital entries
• Gold: Mountain Commercial Graphics (mountain-cg.com): AAFES Marine Corps Trailer
• Silver: Modagrafics (modagrafics.com): Coors Banquet
• Bronze: Classic Stripes Pvt Ltd (classicstrips.com): Volkswagen Polo Cup TSI Car
• Honorable mention: Mountain Commercial Graphics: Texan's Reliant Energy Train

Category 7: Banners, Digital entries
• Gold: Standard (Chan's) Corp Ltd (standardchans.com): JP Morgan
• Silver: Standard (Chan's) Corp Ltd: Fantastic Creatures from The British Museum
• Bronze: Graphic Trends: Sephora
• Honorable mention: Yunker Industries (yunker.com): Ariat Work Boot Banners
• Honorable mention: Sanca S.G.C., S A (sanca.es): AXE

Category 13: Piece Goods, Digital entries
• Gold: Empas Emprime (empasemprime.com.tr): Innocent
• Silver: Empas Emprime: Joy
• Bronze: Empas Emprime: Thispors

Category 14: Textile Products (Other), Digital entries
• Gold: Varsha Transprint (varshatransprint.com): Ben 10

Category 15: Heat Transfers (Textile), Digital entries
• Gold: Varsha Transprint (varshatransprint.com): Angry Bird Cap
• Silver: Fiberlok Inc/High Voltage Graphics (fiberlok.com): Cobras Soccer Academy El Paso 4D
• Bronze: Fiberlok Inc/High Voltage Graphics: Astros 50th Anniversary 4D
• Honorable mention: Fiberlok Inc/High Voltage Graphics: Olympia 4D

Category 18: Decals/Labels/Stickers, Digital entries
• Gold: Standard (Chan's) Corp Ltd (standardchans.com): Hakata Ippudo
• Silver: Standard (Chan's) Corp Ltd: Häagen Dazs
• Bronze: Standard (Chan's) Corp Ltd: Wacoal
• Honorable mention: Fiberlok Inc/High Voltage Graphics (fiberlok.com): Chevy TackleKnit 2 Layer

Category 20: Retail/POP Displays/Exhibits, Digital entries
• Gold: Admark Visual Imaging Ltd (admarkprint.co.nz): Waka NZ Maori
• Honorable mention: The Ad Art Company (adartco.com): Arizona Jeans 3-D Hanging Display
• Honorable mention: The Ad Art Company: Red Bull 3-D Standee

Category 21: Back-lighted Signs/Displays, Digital entries
• Gold: Varsha Transprint (varshatransprint.com): Eye Makeup Studio
• Silver: Standard (Chan's) Corp Ltd (standardchans.com): David Yurman
• Bronze: Standard (Chan's) Corp Ltd: Repetto
• Honorable mention: Admark Visual Imaging Ltd (admarkprintco.nz): BK 'New' Kings Collection

Category 22: Metal Signs/Products, Digital entries
• Honorable mention: Ball Aerosol & Specialty Container (ball.com): 610x704 Fisher's Popcorn Beach

Category 23: Wooden Signs/Products, Digital entries
• Silver: Marketing Alliance Group (mktalliance.com): Ballyhoo Casey Key
• Bronze: Varsha Transprint (varshatransprint.com): Good Bye

Category 25: Plastic Products, Three-Dimensional, Digital entries
• Bronze: Varsha Transprint (varshatransprint.com): Angry Bird Mug

Category 26: Plastic Products (Other), Digital entries
• Gold: Yunker Industries (yunker.com): Pizza Sign
• Silver: Modagrafics (modagrafics.com): Zebra Technologies Acrylic Stand-off
• Bronze: Yunker Industries: Eye Makeup Sign

Category 29: Glass, Curved, Digital entries
• Gold: Varsha Transprint (varshatransprint.com): Rajasthan

Category 31: Nameplates, Digital entries
• Honorable mention: Atlas Screen Printing (atlasscreensupply.com): Wading Birds Magnet

Category 32: Calendars, Digital entries
• Gold: Yunker Industries (yunker.com): Company Calendar
• Silver: Art Print Studio MMOMA Moscow Museum of Modern Art (mmoma.ru): Collection MMOMA
• Bronze: Varsha Transprint (varshatransprint.com): Birthday

Category 33: Greeting Cards, Digital entries
• Gold: Varsha Transprint (varshatransprint.com): Missing You

Category 34: Ring and Catalog Binders, Digital entries
• Honorable mention: American Thermoplastic Company (binders.com): B S & A Software Series

Category 36: Heat Transfers (Other), Digital entries
• Gold: Varsha Transprint (varshatransprint.com): Indian Tribal
• Honorable mention: Imprint Plus (imprintplus.com): BMO 3rd Time Honouree

Category 37: Unique Applications, Digital entries
• Gold, Best in Digital Creativity: Build a Birdhouse: Creative Birdhouses by Build a Birdhouse
• Silver: Dye Into Print (dyeintoprint.com): CHIBI BOOT GALOSH
• Bronze: Varsha Transprint (varshatransprint.com): Glamour & Gems

Category 42: Interior Design, Digital entries
• Gold: Varsha Transprint (varshatransprint.com): Merry Christmas

Category 43: Wallpaper, Digital entries
• Gold: Modagrafics (modagrafics.com): Freshens

Category 44: Vehicle Wraps, Digital entries
• Gold: Modagrafics (modagrafics.com): Chicago Bears Camry
• Silver: Modagrafics: Heineken
• Bronze: Modagrafics: Cedar Lane Frankly Fresh
• Honorable mention: Modagrafics: Coors Light Can Car

Category 45: Building Graphics, Digital entries
• Gold: Gamut Media (gamutmedia.net): Saladish" Restaurant Wall Graphics and Branding Campaign
• Silver: Modagrafics (modagrafics.com): Miller Coors Mesh

Category 47: Ceramics, Digital entries
• Bronze: Just in Time Printing Mexico (jit.com.mx): Ceramic UV Digital Printing
• Honorable mention: Varsha Transprint (varshatransprint.com): Innocence

Category 48: Carpets/Rugs, Digital entries
• Gold: Just in Time Printing Mexico (jit.com.mx): Carpet
• Silver: Varsha Transprint (varshatransprint.com): Baby’s footsteps

Category 49: Floor Graphics, Digital entries
• Gold: Modagrafics (modagrafics.com): Eclipse Gum Floor Graphic
• Silver: Modagrafics: Svedka Vodka Floor Graphic

Category 50: Ad Specialty/Promotional Products,: Digital entries
• Silver: Varsha Transprint (varshatransprint.com): Incredible India
• Bronze: Fiberlok Inc/High Voltage Graphics (fiberlok.com): Jacuzzi Lextra 3D Hybrid


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