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Winners of 2013 Golden Image Awards Announced

SGIA competition recognizes industry-leading excellence across various applications and categories.

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SGIA has announced the winners of its 2013 Golden Image Award competition. This year’s entries were evaluated and judged at the 2013 SGIA Expo in Orlando, October 23-25.

The Golden Image competition recognizes industry-leading excellence and covers various categories created by specialty imaging. Each submission was eligible to earn one of four awards:

• Award of Excellence (Gold), recognizing the highest achievement possible in a given category;
• Award of Distinction (Silver), awarded for exemplary quality;
• Award of Merit (Bronze), for outstanding performance; and
• Certificate of Honorable Mention, for commendable performance.

In addition, the SGIA awarded People's Choice Award, Best of Show-Garment, Best of Show-Graphic, Best of Show-Digital, and Best in Show-Digital Creativity.

Awards for digitally produced entries went to the following entries (note: not all categories featured gold, silver, and bronze awards; some categories also awarded honorable mentions):

Category 1: Fine Art, Digital Entries
* Gold, Best In Show: Kolibri Art Studio Inc. (www.kolibriartstudio.com): Bird of Paradise
* Silver: Art Print Studio MMOMA Moscow Museum of Modern Art (www.mmoma.ru/en): bronze barilief
* Bronze: Varsha Transprint (www.varshatransprint.com): HOLI FACE

Category 2: Posters (Single Sheet), Digital Entries
* Gold: Midi Print Co (www.midiprint.com/eng): Jimi Print 1
* Silver: Standard (Chan's) Corp Ltd (www.standardchans.com): Arome Bakery
* Bronze: Midi Print Co: Jimi Print 2

Category 3: Posters (Multisheet), Digital Entries
* Silver: Standard (Chan's) Corp Ltd (www.standardchans.com): Emphasis Jewellery

Category 4: Transit Advertising, Digital Entries
* Gold: Admark Visual Imaging Ltd (www.admarkprint.co.nz): Hobbit Plane
* Silver: The Ad Art Company (www.adartco.com) SKETCHERS TAXI TOPPER

Category 5: Fleet Markings (Single Sheet), Digital Entries
* Gold: Classic Stripes Pvt Ltd (www.classicstripes.com): Videocon D2H Delivery Vehicle
* Silver: Classic Stripes Pvt Ltd: RIBBONS & BALLOONS Delivery Vehicle

Category 6: Fleet Markings (Multisheet), Digital Entries
* Gold: Mountain Commercial Graphics (www.mountain-cg.com): Sonic Trailer

Category 7: Banners, Digital Entries
* Gold: International E-Z Up Inc (www.exupc.om) E-Z UP Freestanding Wall
* Silver: The Ad Art Company: FOREVER 21 BANNER
* Bronze: Graphic Trends (www.graphictrends.net): Nike Air
* Honorable Mention: Standard (Chan's) Corp Ltd: RTHK Artspiration
* Honorable Mention: Varsha Transprint: STUDIO23

Category 8: Finished Garments (Light), Digital Entries
* Gold: Varsha Transprint: KATHAKALI
* Silver: Empas Emprime (www.empasemprime.com.tr): Skater Boy
* Bronze: Empas Emprime: Motor Foil

Category 9: Finished Garments (Dark), Digital Entries
* Bronze: Varsha Transprint: OKTOBER FEAST

Category 13: Piece Goods. Digital Entries
* Gold: Empas Emprime: London Wing
* Silver: Empas Emprime: American Woman
* Bronze: Boombah (www.boombah): Sakudi

Category 14: Textile Products, Digital Entries
* Gold: Best in Digital Creativity: Varsha Transprint: ANGEL CHHATRI
* Silver: Tarun Print Tech (www.tarunprints.com): TORTOISE
* Bronze: Just in Time Printing Mexico: Cushion Art Collection

Category 15: Heat Transfers (Textile), Digital Entries
* Gold: Tarun Print Tech: LEAPORD
* Silver: Fiberlok Inc/High Voltage Graphics (www.fiberlok.com): Built Ford Tough
* Bronze: Insta Graphic Systems (www.instagraph.com): Heart hands

Category 18: Decals/Labels/Stickers, Digital Entries
* Gold: Standard (Chan's) Corp Ltd: Häagen Dazs
* Silver: Standard (Chan's) Corp Ltd: The Spaghetti House

Category 20: Retail/POP Displays/Exhibits, Digital Entries
* Gold: Sanca S.G.C., S A: THE GREAT GATSBY
* Silver: Brilliant Graphics Group (www.brilliantgraphicsgroup.com): Brick Panel
* Bronze: National Print Group (www.nationalposters.com): Ann Taylor/Loft
* Honorable Mention: Brilliant Graphics Group: Fabric Hybrid Print

Category 21: Back-lighted Signs/Displays, Digital Entries
* Gold: Standard (Chan's) Corp Ltd: Remy Martin
* Silver: Dye Into Print (www.dyeintoprint.com): PHISH
* Bronze: Midi Print Co: I See Music
* Honorable Mention: Standard (Chan's) Corp Ltd: Visa
* Honorable Mention: Sanca S.G.C., S A: SEAT LEÓN

Category 22: Metal Signs/Products, Digital Entries
* Gold: Standard (Chan's) Corp Ltd: Blancpain
* Silver: Varsha Transprint: COLOR CODE
* Bronze: Dixie Seal & Stamp Co (www.dixieseal.com): Guinness Black Lager
* Honorable Mention: Dixie Seal & Stamp Co: Cheboygan Brewing

Category 26: Plastic Products (Other), Digital Entries
* Gold: National Print Group: Home Depot Kohler Shower Faucet
* Silver: Brilliant Graphics Group: Brick fan deck

Group 28: Glass/Mirrors, Flat, Digital Entries
* Gold: Maxwell Dickson LLC (www.maxwelldickson.com): Koi Coffee Table
* Bronze: Varsha Transprint: HOLI MAN TILE

Category 29: Glass, Curved, Digital Entries
* Honorable Mention: Varsha Transprint: KATHAKALI
* Honorable Mention: Varsha Transprint: KOLIWADA

Category 30: Instrumentation/Dials/Gauges/Panels, Digital Entries
* Gold: PPS, Inc. (www.ppsinc.com): Water Overlay
* Bronze: I-Dent Group Inc: Kudu Dynagen Label

Category 32: Calendars, Digital Entries
* Silver: Varsha Transprint: OKTOBER FEAST

Category 33: Greeting Cards, Digital Entries
* Gold: Midi Print Co: Bacardi Best Barman
* Silver: Varsha Transprint: THINKING OF YOU

Category 36: Heat Transfers (Other), Digital Entries
* Gold: Imprint Plus: (www.imprintplus.com) Fort Wayne Children's Zoo Namebadge

Category 37: Unique Applications, Digital Entries
* Gold: Varsha Transprint: ROCK N RAAGA GUITAR
* Silver: The Ad Art Company: JC PENNEY FAB FRAME
* Bronze: The Ad Art Company: VANITY SHOP POP-UP BANNER
* Honorable Mention: Imprint Plus: The Might Sign
* Honorable Mention: Gillespie Graphics (www.Gillespie-graphics.com): Original Lobby Art

Category 42: Interior Design, Digital Entries
* Gold: Metropolitan West (www.metwest.com): Open X

Category 44: Vehicle Wraps, Digital Entries
* Gold: Cowan Imaging Group (www.cowan.ca): Cowvo
* Silver: Alpine Graphic Productions Ltd (www.alpinegraphics.ca): 100th Anniversary CFL Train
* Bronze: Alpine Graphic Productions Ltd: Superman Wrap with Roof Treatment
* Honorable Mention: Classic Stripes Pvt Ltd (www.classicstripes.com): AUTUMN AURA Bonnet Wrap
* Honorable Mention: Classic Stripes Pvt Ltd: NAVRATRI CAR

Category 45: Building Graphics, Digital Entries
* Gold: Sagaboy Productions (www.sagaboyproductions.com): “The Newsroom” Image
* Silver: Church of Scientology International (www.scientology.org): Portland Religious Freedom Crusade Wall Mural
*Bronze: Metropolitan West: Real D

Category 46: Containers, Digital Entries
* Gold: Ball Aerosol & Specialty Container (www.ball.com): Maryland
* Silver: Ball Aerosol & Specialty Container: Outer Banks Popcorn
* Bronze: Ball Aerosol & Specialty Container: Fisher’s Popcorn New York
* Honorable Mention: Ball Aerosol & Specialty Container: Fisher’s Popcorn Beach Scene

Category 47: Ceramics, Digital Entries
* Gold: Just in Time Printing Mexico: Ceramic Digital Printing
* Silver: Atlas Screen Printing (www.atlasscreensupply.com): Rex Trax
* Bronze: Atlas Screen Printing: California Quail
* Honorable Mention: Varsha Transprint: BUTTERFLY
* Honorable Mention: Varsha Transprint: TURTLE

Category 50: Ad Specialty/Promotional Products, Digital Entries
* Gold: Graphic Trends: Coors Panel
* Silver: Varsha Transprint: ELEPHANT COMPANY
* Bronze: Varsha Transprint: SKY SCREEN INDIA TEA COASTERS
* Honorable Mention: Moderne Glass Co Inc (www.mglass.com): Stained Glass Tree on Pint Glass

Category 52: Magnets, Digital Entries
* Gold: Atlas Screen Printing: Venomous
* Silver: Atlas Screen Printing: Carnivorous Plants

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