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Workgroups 2011 Software Suite from MetaCommunications

Includes more than 100 new and enhanced features.

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MetaCommunications has released Workgroups 2011, the latest edition of its project workflow and productivity management suite. The new software includes includes more than 100 new and enhanced features including major new additions to its project management, production automation and developer capabilities.

Workgroups 2011 comprises four core modules, including:
• Virtual Ticket: a configurable project and workflow solution that brings together all the components of a user’s work to a centralized location, including project briefs, job tickets, schedules, customer information, associated document files, and more.

• Approval Manager: an approval management workflow tool for managing, tracking, and scheduling any proof review process within and across marketing, advertising, creative design, and production environments.

• Digital Storage Manager: a storage-management solution designed to integrate a workgroup's file management into the overall creative design and production workflow. The solution associates files with projects, archives and retrieves files, and enables users to quickly find digital files for creative design or production processes.

• Job Manager: a suite of financial-management tools that enable users to accurately create estimates and quotes, monitor job costs, quickly generate on-demand reporting and invoices, and share information with accounting systems.

Price: $3995.


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