Wrap Sheet: 6 Vinyl Masterpieces

These shops prove today’s vehicle wraps are more than fleets and logos.

As startups and established ventures alike realize the boost in business a mobile advertisement can provide, it comes as no surprise that PSPs offering some sort of vehicle wrapping capability are a dime a dozen these days. As more and more shops move into the vehicle graphics market, high quality installs and designs with “wow” factors set the wrap experts apart from the wrap dabblers.

While fleet wraps and logo decals might raise a quick profit, there’s something to be said about the excitement and creativity required for a wrap with a challenge – whether it be an unusual design, a larger-than-life vehicle, a high-stakes timeline, or any number of atypical requests that get a wrap artist’s creative juices flowing. It’s wraps like these that have customers coming back time and time again, keeping designers, printers, and installers on their toes and ready for more. The vehicle wrap game has no room for complacency, and these six shops prove that hard work and imagination are two surefire ways to rise above the competition.

A Reptilian PT Cruiser

Upscale Camo Vinyl

Gamer's Paradise

An RV Renovation

Art Meets Vinyl

A Haunted Hearse

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