Wrap Sheet: A Reptilian PT Cruiser

Ink Wrap Shop creates and installs an intricate red-eared slider turtle wrap.

After 10 years of managing a commercial printing company, Brandon Barnett went in a new direction, opening Ink Wrap Shop in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with a focus on high-impact designs and projects.

“We’ve made a specialty for ourselves in creative ways to market for our customers,” Barnett explains. And, the shop has no shortage of creative uses for vinyl. Barnett has wrapped everything from ceilings and vehicles to trash cans and port-a-potties – “anywhere we can place a graphic to gain attention for our customer.” This willingness to think outside the box is what brought returning customer Safari Joe’s H20 Water Park back with a one-of-a-kind request: transform a PT Cruiser into a “larger-than-life” red-eared slider turtle. “They didn’t know how it was possible, but they figured we could make it come to life,” says Barnett.

The two-man shop got to work converting a 3D concept into a printable 2D design, wrapping the entire front end of the car to create a template of the intricate artwork. Barnett traced out where the hood and fenders met, as well as where the turtle’s eyes, nose, mouth, and stripes needed to land. The team pored over images of real-life turtles from different perspectives to shape their own final design, printed with the shop’s HP Latex 335 onto 3M Controltac 180mC, finishing with Scotchcal 8518. Barnett installed the wrap over the course of a week, painstakingly aligning each element of the design and re-templating as necessary.

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