Wrapping the Rental

Wrap Media Group partners with Budget for new branding campaign.

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Wrap Media Group of Boca Raton, Florida, has partnered with Budget Rent a Car of Atlanta, to wrap 25 rental vehicles with eye-catching advertisements for Sheets Brand Energy Strips. Consumers renting these sponsored cars then receive a significant discount on their rental fees from Budget.

"Like many other entrepreneurial ventures, this was conceived on a cocktail napkin in a restaurant. We've developed a new and unique way for brands to interact with their consumer audiences," says David Berke, COO of Wrap Media Group.

Along with the wrap-marketing options, the sponsored rental vehicles will also bring other branding opportunities, such as the ability to add short codes for text messaging campaigns, QR codes, and coupons or product samples that will be placed in participating vehicles. The marketing collateral will also be reflected within the rental facilities. "The ability to integrate wrapped vehicles, product placement, and online interaction into one solution is unparalleled," says Berke.

"We recently began an aggressive marketing campaign and this concept was the perfect fit," says Warren Struhl, CEO of PureBrands, the owner of Sheets Brand Energy Strips. "Not only will renters be getting a discounted rental rate and be exposed to our brand, these vehicles will also be seen by thousands of people traveling on roadways and at restaurants, shopping malls, attractions, parks, beachfronts, and other popular destinations.”

To wrap the vehicles, Wrap Media Group contracts and supervises 3M-certified providers to handle printing, installation, and removal: “By taking this approach, Wrap Media Group is able to offer our advertising clients a large network of printers and installers that can be activated quickly to handle large volume, while still maintaining the highest quality work,” says Matt Custage, vice president of Wrap Media Group.

The sponsored rental vehicles are booked online via the Budget Atlanta website for the initial campaign that will run from August to November 2011. Wrap Media Group will be offering brands the ability to advertise on rental vehicles in many other markets across the US and abroad once the initial campaign is underway. 


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